VIKINGORE "Wolves In The Battlefront" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Spanish Viking Death Metal band.
Hailing from Sevilla, the band’s debut album is a good, solid release that fans of Pagan Metal will enjoy. Plenty of guttural screams, driving guitars, and unforgettable song titles to complete your listening experience. Angel’s vocals are deep, growling, and mean, but still audible enough to hear the lyrics, which are also pretty good. His speaking part before "The Undead’s Rising" was borderline demonic. Awesome to say the least. Rhythmically they are pretty damn good. Bass work is closely tied to the drum work, which is good.
The album is good, and the band has plenty of potential for the next album to be great. Some standout tracks are "The Witchery", "The Undead’s Rising" and "Red Fog".
Highly recommended for fans of Amon Amarth!!
Noisehead Records, 2013 (NHR0213). Made in Austria. First press.

1. The Wrath     05:22 
2. Ymmir's Disembowelment     03:28 
3. Justice's Fall     04:59 
4. Feasting Upon the Butchered     03:46 
5. The Witchery     06:36 
6. The Undead's Rising     03:27 
7. Forgotten by the Gods     05:34 
8. Red Fog     02:34 
9. Wolves’ Wisdom     05:33
Total playing time: 41:19


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