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AUTOPSY “All Tomorrow’s Funerals” /Digibook CD/

  • AUTOPSY “All Tomorrow’s Funerals” /Digibook CD/

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    Band: AUTOPSY
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The fourth compilation album by legendary American Death Metal band.
This great digibook contains all of Autopsy's EPs and rarities remastered by the band as well as some new and exclusive cuts (1-4 tracks) for a combined total of 22 tracks, resulting in over 73 minutes of sickness! Everything from "Retribution For The Dead" to "The Tomb Within" is presented with all original artworks and liner notes from the band!!
Doomed up, mud'n'guts Death Metal, most of which compiles previously released out of print EP material, remastered and repackaged in a terrific hardcover booklet with righteously reeking artwork from Matt Cavotta.
"All Tomorrow's Funerals" includes the remastered versions of songs from early '90s EPs "Retribution For The Dead" and "Fiend For Blood; "Horrific Obsession" and "Feast of the Graveworm" from the "Horrific Obsession" Single; "Funereality" from the "Peaceville Vol. 4" compilation; the five cuts that first appeared on "The Tomb Within" EP, which includes one of the most nefarious Doom licks Autopsy has ever recorded on "My Corpse Shall Rise"; four new cuts, including a title track, "Broken People", "Maggot Holes" that pick up right where the phenomenal "Macabre Eternal" left off, and an appropriately creepy/bizarre close to the proceedings called "Sign of the Corpse"; and he aforementioned "Mauled to Death", which is a 1987 demo track resurrected for this release.
If you already own most of the previously released material, you could make the argument that "All Tomorrow's Funerals" is for that reason alone not all that essential. But you'd be totally dismissing the impact of the remastering, the first-rate packaging, and the new songs. Besides, the original recordings offered much in the way of compositional value to begin with. None of it comes close to unacceptable. This is one case where remastering adds immense value to the oldest recordings; much like the production on "Macabre Eternal" was of a high, modern standard that didn't sap the filthy essence of Autopsy.
The commentary contributed to the booklet by guys like Bob Bagchus (Asphyx), Ted Skjellum (DarkThrone), and Dopi (Machetazo) is well worth the read. All are long-time fans that are intimately familiar with the Autopsy material and offer insight into the band's influence and impact on the genre of Death Metal. Collectively written comments from Autopsy are also included.
The real story told through all that blood-gargling and sewage riffing is how Autopsy managed to get better as players and songwriters with the new material (as already proven by "The Tomb Within" and "Macabre Eternal"), while staying true to the form perfected by the band all those years ago. It is impressive how cohesive "All Tomorrow's Funerals" sounds during front-to-back-listens. The reanimated and the newly formed fit together snugly, the result a compilation that flows damn near as well as a proper studio release.
"All Tomorrow's Funerals" is 73 representatively morbid minutes of music from one of the greatest Death Metal bands of all time!!!
Peaceville Records, 2012 (CDVILEF365). Made in EU. Pressed in Poland. First press.

1. All Tomorrow's Funerals 5:14 
2. Broken People 3:55 
3. Mauled To Death 4:27 
4. Maggot Holes 2:56 
5. The Tomb Within 3:42 
6. My Corpse Shall Rise 4:18 
7. Seven Skulls 3:05 
8. Human Genocide 3:03 
9. Mutant Village 5:51 
10. Horrific Obsession 4:31 
11. Feast Of The Graveworm 3:26 
12. Funereality 2:51 
13. Fiend For Blood 0:25 
14. Keeper Of Decay 2:23 
15. Squeal Like A Pig 3:41 
16. Ravenous Freaks 2:23 
17. A Different Kind Of Mindfuck 0:47 
18. Dead Hole 2:28 
19. Retribution For The Dead 3:53 
20. Destined To Fester 4:29 
21. In The Grip Of Winter 4:05 
22. Sign Of The Corpse 0:53
Total playing time: 72:46

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