SINISTER "Legacy Of Ashes" /CD/

Ninth full-length album by the legendary Dutch Brutal Death Metal band.
This is yet another example of why the band has become synonymous with reliability, an unending titan of forceful butchery that is almost always guaranteed to deliver a reasonable and focused effort, even though what seems to be an ever shifting roster of musicians (no change here from the previous full-length "The Silent Howling" in 2008, but after recording this they've already hired on a new bass player in Creepmime's Joost Van der Graaf). "Legacy of Ashes" features all of the hallmark blasting and punching brutality they've celebrated from their early 90s classics, but with a notable element of Thrashing abandon in the riffs that dominated efforts like 1998's "Aggressive Measures". You'll get a good, sore neck from this effort, more so than its direct predecessor at least. A few of their albums have lapsed into monotony, but "Legacy Of Ashes" feels slightly more distinct. No punches are pulled here, it's just tough as nails Death Metal without indulgent virtuosic tendencies or pedestrian wanking, and likely worth hearing if you're a fan of the band's last decade of material, or their related projects like Infinited Hate, Houwitser or Supreme Pain!
This limited edition CD contains four bonus tracks taken from the “Afterburner” preproduction demos!!
Massacre Records/Vectorscoope Records, 2010 (VSR - 04). Made in Mexico. 

1. Herd of Damnation (Intro)
2. Into the Blind World
3. The Enemy of My Enemy
4. Anatomie of a Catastrophe
5. The Sin of Sodomy
6. Legacy of Ashes
7. The Hornet's Nest
8. Righteous Indignations
9. The Living Sacrifice
10. The Grey Massacre (demo)
11. Afterburner (demo)
12. Altruistic Suicide (demo)
13. Men Down (demo)
Total playing time: 58:09 min.

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