THE ALIEN BLAKK "Modes Of Alienation" /Digipack CD/

"Modes Of Alienation" is an all instrumental offering from one of today’s most celebrated new guitar Gods, Joshua Craig. Headed, conceptualized and written by multi-talented guitarist/composer, The Alien Blakk is described as a mixture of Meshuggah, Frank Zappa, Fear Factory and Guns 'N Roses! Joining the ranks of Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde and John 5, Joshua Craig displays unmatched virtuosity on "Modes Of Alienation" ranging from Death Metal to Country Shred Chicken Picking to Classical ingenuity unsurpassed by anyone in the industry today.
"Modes Of Alienation" was even mixed at Steve Vai's "The Mothership" recording studio where the famed Passion and Warfare Instrumental was recorded by Vai.
Line-up: Joshua Craig , Dave Ellefson (Megadeth) and Craig Nielsen (Flotsam And Jetsam)!!!
Black Lotus Records, 2006 (BLRCD112)

1.Replihate 04:21
2.For Max 04:36
3.Sol Amente 06:07
4.Twin, Twang, Twung 02:59 
5.A Question 03:29
6.The Things 07:41
7.In the Name 04:51
8.The Audition 03:16
9.Self 05:18
10.Black Art 05:04

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