NAMELESS CURSE “Abominable Society” /CD/

The debut full-length album by Italian Heavy/Power Metal band.
Heavy/Thrash Metal mixed with Melodic Death/Power Metal!
Very enjoyable and interesting mix for all fans of each of these genres!!
Do you love Heavy/Power Metal in Progressive mix with other sub-genres? Don’t waste your time, this CD is for you!!!
Selfreleased, 2012. Made in Italy. First press. Limited edition to 300 copies!

1. Call to Abomination
2. Chaos Generation 
3. Veil of Mercy 
4. From Bloody Days to Terror Age 
5. Abominable Society 
6. Debt's Dimension 
7. Atro-City 
8. Curse 4 Heaven 
9. Tomorrow instrumental
10. The Clan (of Hybrid Beings)
Total playing time: 39:53

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