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NOCTURNE “Ave Noctem” /CD/

  • NOCTURNE “Ave Noctem” /CD/

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    Band: NOCTURNE
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Debut full-length album by American Death/Black Metal one man band.
Chicago has a very important base of new Extreme Metal bands coming from the deep underground scene. This is just an example of what is new on Black Metal genre up there, and definitely it has quite good characteristics making singular personality. The album has a very particular sense of metallic melodies forged in aggression, obscurity and rottenness.
Dan Klein is a drummer who also recorded all instruments and his influences are from USA’s Old Death Metal, among some Nordic Black Metal. The result is quite solid and effective. Tracks like “The Prodigious Plight” denote a huge knowledge of old Black Metal sounds as when the genre started relationship with Folk music and transmitted this epic atmosphere through great lines. Also, vocals are done by Dan himself, and he developed a solid style by using guttural elements among deadly lines. For moments the music also sounds with touches of Progressive elements and it’s hard to define the line.
All in all, this is a great debut of Black/Death Metal full of darkness, heaviness and high octane musical skills. It’s recommended for those who are looking for solo projects with huge talent and personality!
In summary, this is a great Black Metal record, with the roots in the traditional first-wave Black Metal but enhanced to make it sound contemporary in the Progression front – it sounds suitably dated but nothing outdated, if that makes sense!!
Do Or Die Records, 2013 (DOD-02). Made in USA. First press.

1. Pursuance of the Righteous Elucidation     06:54 
2. The Prodigious Plight     06:09 
3. Rites of Contrition     09:36 
4. Ave Noctem     02:28 
5. Pain of Purity     07:16 
6. Anxiopath     05:34 
7. The Abyss     06:40
Total playing time: 44:37

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