MUSICA DIABLO “Musica Diablo” /CD/

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The debut and only full-length album by Brazilian Thrash Metal band.
Derrick Green, the frontman of Sepultura, found his suitable home with his new Brazilian band!! And this new band is much suitable for Green rather the awkwardness of the new Sepultura. After the great 80’s years and early 90’s (1991), Sepultura never recovered from the shock it has been going through and after Cavalera left, it went even more downward.
This bunch of fire breathing old schoolers led by Andre NM decided to rip out the roots of old school and use them for their Thrash Metal music. As they derived their style from Municipal Waste, old Sepultura, Kreator, Nuclear Assault and tiny winy of Slayer, these guys found their true Metal niche. Of course that with the help of Green, which fitted like a glove right from the start, there is no better way than to release a full-length debut.
And Musica Diablo have major balls of a music! They are gutting, chopping, killing and murdering with their ferocity, melodic rawness and mayhemic speed, all in the name of old school Thrash Metal. Moreover, the addition of old school Hardcore to the mixture is rather nice and has its fine edges especially on those raw grooves and diversity on the straightforward passages. In the end, this is a Thrash/Speed onslaught with the free willing of Hardcore, yep, American old Hardcore. Green is unrefined, evil and even brutal. His pals are very aggressive, yet showing great talents on their instruments.
Musica Diablo is an 80’s oriented band with a whole lot of attitude. It has everything an old schooler would look in a release. This band has every reason to make something bombastic and much more illustrated than their debut. But unfortunately, the band split-up.
Nevertheless, this is a good part of Thrash Metal history! Green, you rules!!
The German version has a different cover of the original Brazilian version.
SAOL, 2010 (SAOL042). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Sweet Revenge 3:19 
2. Sacrifice 3:10 
3. Live To Buy 2:24 
4. Underlord 3:33 
5. Work Out 3:00 
6. Lifeless 3:35 
7. In The Name Of Greed 2:03 
8. Betrayed 3:16 
9. The Flame Of Anger 2:57 
10. Twisted Hate 3:13 
11. The Rack 2:54
Total playing time: 33:30 min.


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