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FALL OF DARKNESS “...In Perfect Asymmetry” /CD/

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The debut full-length album by Italian Progressive Metal band.
Let’s start to make one thing clear - his is a Big disc! Especially since the Fall Of Darkness exist in the current lineup for a little less than three years, after many changes in the line-up and sound. For once (finally!) we have a band that looks much more modest than what actually is its value: "Hello, we are the Fall Of Darkness from Pisa, and we are for you to enjoy".
The album opens with "Just Stop" and a carpet of strings accented by the battery of Marco Muscle. Percussive guitar riffs prepare the entrance to the voice of Claudio Andressi. Capable singers in this genre are more unique than rare, since the vast majority of these are believed to have involved the type, ignoring the need to study a lot. The shower is not enough. Andressi is a pleasant exception to that effect, tuned and prepared. As the piece proceeds we see more and more the great guitar work by Simone Marchetti (solo) and Matthew Lesti (rhythm): the riffs are far from obvious, it sounds very beautiful for a debut album. The instrumental section denotes a clearly inspired Prog 70s, particularly keyboardist Luca Guidi. Too often in this kind of Guidi colleagues they tend to choose sounds that have nothing to do with the rest of the instruments, effectively ruining any atmosphere was creating the piece: the choices of sound are very apt and blend well.
With "Grab Your Neck" coming more percussive guitars, keyboards excellent and always well placed, battery that has more room to romp in a 7/4 enthralling. It is still an interesting piece, which increases the curiosity about the upcoming tracks.
Third track, "Prove It to Yourself", charging and aggressive, his voice has a new expressiveness, especially in the chorus. Keyboards always excellent and well-weighted, giving a dreamlike atmosphere and sometimes distressing piece. Simone Marchetti is really well run and has a good chemistry with the accompaniment. The finish is absolutely thrilling, thanks to a more rhythmic lilting voice and a much more aggressive and powerful.
"Pages of My Life" is a ballad simply magnificent. The instrumental section looks like a river flowing in front of us, with the keyboards and guitars chasing down that well joins between the two ... Fantastic! The sounds are all globally improved; it seems to have been recorded some time after the opening pieces of the album, with a renewed desire to do. As he goes, the song becomes more and more beautiful and engaging.
"To Be Different" it is clear mold DreamTheateriano, but honestly we do not mind at all. The opening increases the chills remained from previous piece, the piano is just perfect as usual, and ... on. Super riff! Percussive, aggressive, but full of live games!! The instrumental part is a masterpiece, one of the most interesting of the entire album. Another great piece, and are more and more curious to hear how close on this debut.
"My Stairs to Freedom" is a very mature and well-made piece. Here the Fall Of Darkness play more on the Heavy Metal sound, mentioning clearly their influences, but without falling in the seedy already heard, as almost always happens. Even though it is only the most off in this piece, the level of the album is more than high.
"Fight to Go On" is an epic song in its entirety, by the sound big and aggressive. 
The last piece, "The Last Step", the title more than guessed. It is literally the last step that takes them from an album "not bad" to a "great album"! Another great piece, much more mature of the two previous: engaging, intriguing and well arranged. Needless to say that the keyboards are perfect this time! The arrangement is one that jumps ear: everything is in place, well-appointed, well-worked, well ... everything!! Excellent closure for an excellent album.
Speaking of the album in general, in fact, it is one of the best debuts of the year.
The Fall Of Darkness have the numbers to go very far, with a light greater attention to detail this album would be perfect. We just have to wait for their next recording effort, and wish them nothing but the best!
For fans of: Dream theater, Symphony X and Vision Divine!!
Revalve Records, 2014 (RR43). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Just Stop 06:33
2. Grab Your Neck 04:31
3. Pages Of My Life 05:48
3. Prove It To Yourself 05:56
4. To Be Different 06:30
5. My Stairs For Freedom 05:24
6. Fight To Go On 05:53
7. The Last Step 05:38
Total playing time: 46:33


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