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MADSWORD "The Global Village" /CD/

  • MADSWORD "The Global Village" /CD/

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    Band: MADSWORD
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Used: very good.

Debut (and only one) full-length album by Italian Progressive Metal band.
Honestly, every instrument, including bass, gets equal attention on this CD, and it's damn refreshing. Every instrument has its moments, but they also come together well as a whole. Obviously there's a lot of synth influence, but there's a good number of acoustic sections that caught off guard. The keyboards are tastefully done, and both the ambient and lead patches are pleasing to listen to. Madsword's vocals fit into a Progressive setting perfectly, but also have a lot of Power when it's needed. The band makes good use of them, and leave them plenty of room in the songs. It's hard to judge based on one album, but Madsword is like Dream Theater with more emotion and variety. They're less progressive rhythmically, but have way more unique melodies. Actually, everything on this album sounds great. Prog fans will love The “Global Village”. The album is equally made up of complexity, emotion, and heaviness. The sound is generally futuristic, but the band doesn't go overboard with it or get stale. Nothing heard that sounds quite like this CD that is always a good sign. Check it out if you're a Prog fan, bass player, or producer!!
Underground Symphony/CD-Maximum, 2000/2002 (CDM 1202-1246). Used: very good.

1. Connect 00:47
2. Time in the Ice 08:04
3. How Much Progress 07:15
4. Darkened Rooms 06:59
5. Living Hexadecimal 07:27
6. Mind's Bug 06:53
7. Travelling Through A Wire 05:36
8. Behind the Consciousness of Memory 02:20
9. A New Beginning? 10:16
Total playing time: 55:37

Samples: http://www.lastfm

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