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LORD AGHEROS "Of Beauty And Sadness" /CD/

  • LORD AGHEROS "Of Beauty And Sadness" /CD/

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3rd full-length album by Symphonic Black Metal / Ambient one man band from Italy.
Melding of Gothic, Black and Symphonic Metal elements into a unique, melancholy brew called… Arcane Metal.
It's a wonderfully atmospheric piece of music that fits in well with this obscure world. Musically this follows an ambient path which flirts with wide ranging influences which stretch from the bombastic sound of Summoning, the film score influences of Ulver, through piano led classical music, to opera and Folkloristic Mediterranean music. Lord Agheros is capable of creating fantastic, melancholic and colossal atmosphere. You are carried through different moods, musical and emotional and by the end of this album you have learned to expect the unexpected.
For fans of bands like Summoning, Striborg, Ulver.
My Kingdom Music, 2010 (echo065). Made in Italy. First press. Please note: although the CD is new and has never been played, there are light scratch on the working surface of the disc (happened during transit) that will not affect the sound quality.

1.Prayer For A Memory 02:26
2.The Wave 06:06
3.The Last Forsaken 04:47
4.Svart Hemlangtan 04:07
5.Goodbye 05:30
6.The Quiet Inside The Storm 03:35
7.Old Throne 04:54
8.Dopo La Notte 04:08
9.Back To Innocence 04:39
10.Era Iornu 01:37
Bonus track:
11.Dancing in The Dark (Orchestra Version) 03:26
Total playing time: 45:15 

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