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THE SACRED TRUTH "Reflections Of Tragedy II: The Final Confession" /CD/

  • THE SACRED TRUTH "Reflections Of Tragedy II: The Final Confession" /CD/

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Debut full-length album by Australian Progressive Metal band.
Songs features powerful choruses and crunching riffs, with clean echo laded serene passages entwined with Hard Rock/Heavy Metal 80’s era vocal lines. Is an album that you can easily enjoy from start to finish without being distracted or losing interest. Lastly, vocalist Nirmal Peter has a great melodic voice that you can listen to for hours on end; delivering such emotion and passion in his vocals. Despite the music not being overly heavy at all, in this case the way the music was written, the end result was that it’s not meant to be that it works a treat as is. There are heavy fragments in every song which are of a high caliber, whether it be the guitar solos or instrumental passages where the bass guitar and technical drumming come together to add further depth. Some fans and listeners alike may yearn for something slightly heavier that packs more of a punch and at times that could be true, but overall if that’s the only fault of this disc, then The Sacred Truth have done a remarkable job with this debut album. Fans that should gravitate towards this CD would range anywhere from fans of Iron Maiden to Dream Theater, with a lot of genres in between. The Sacred Truth have a lot of talent and a lot good things going for them already after just one full-length release!
Sleaszy Rider Records, 2010 (SR-0095). Made in Greece. First press.

1. The Confessional Overture
2. Refuse to Obey
3. Cries of the Soul
4. Mourning Sun
5. Scars
6. Damage
7. Retribution
8. God's Will
9. Angels
10. Savior

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