VA "Celtic Frost Tribute - Order of the Tyrants" /CD/

Tribute to CELTIC FROST from Black/Death nowadays megastars.
Black Lotus Records, 2003 (BLR/CD050)

1.Grief Of Emerald – Visual Aggression
2.Marduk – Into The Crypts Of Rays
3.Naer Mataron – Return To The Eve
4.Necrophagia – Triumph Of Death
5.Akercocke – Mesmerized
6.Dimmu Borgir – Nocturnal Fear
7.Bewitched – Circle Of The Tyrants
8.Order Of The Ebon Hand – Rex Irae
9.Astarte – Sorrows Of The Moon
10.Melechesh – Babylon Fell
11.Acheron – Dawn Of Meggido
12.Ragnarok – Fainted Eyes
13.Hypocrite – The Usurper
14.Carrier Flux – Beyond The Northwinds

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