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PERSEUS “The Mystic Hands Of Fate” /CD/

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    Band: PERSEUS
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The debut full-length album by Italian Heavy/Power Metal band.
Perseus is a rather new band that after two demos found the time ripe for a full-length album. The band consist of ex-members from the Progressive Metal band Hastings and the Judas Priest cover band Defenders Of The Faith, and with that you can already form an idea of what to expect. Perseus combines traditional Heavy Metal with Prog.
The music is well composed despite its simplicity, and the musicians show quality on instrumental. In general, the songs are quite melodic and lean towards ballads. The more traditional "Memories" strongly reminds of Iron Maiden and the more modern "Bad Illusions" is definitely convincing.
For fans of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden!
Live Tribe Music/Nadir Music, 2014 (NDR_0021). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Sons of Kronos 01:05 
2. Over the Horizon 04:11 
3. Memories 04:20 
4. Bad Illusion 03:25 
5. I’m Your Flame 01:04 
6. Icarus Creed 03:32 
7. Devil in Disguise 05:39 
8. Dark Side o’Mine 06:20 
9. The Island 05:23 
10. I'll Be Alone 04:52 
11. The Tears of Saturnus 06:13 
12. My Wicked Love to Rest 06:18 
13. Outro (The Reason Why) 00:29
Total playing time: 52:51


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