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ILLNATH “4 Shades Of Me” /CD/

  • ILLNATH “4 Shades Of Me” /CD/

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    Band: ILLNATH
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The fourth and last full-length album by the Danish Melodic Death Metal band.
Danish female-fronted Melodic Death Metal band return with their fourth album that showcase the band’s progression which has now fine-tuned its style. Leaving completely aside keyboards and other Symphonic elements, this is pure, hard-pounding aggressive Metal! “4 Shades Of Me” is a follow-up to the band’s highly acclaimed 2011 album, “Third Act in the Theatre of Madness”. An album that has helped the band gain a lot more followers all over the world and of course helped secure live appearances and tours in different countries.
This album is a great sample of Blackened Thrash/Death approach. Band combines the three basic extreme genres and with the energy they have, they are worth checking for at first place.
The surprise is the furious vocals of Mona Beck, maybe some of the fans don’t know about a woman behind the microphone, then their jaws will drop instantly. Forget the approach of Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy or Rachel from Sinister, this girl shows how a woman must sound in an Extreme Metal album! She makes the album flow even quicker than the almost 39 minutes of its duration, as you feel that all the members are in a race to reach her affinity, with the guitars having the leading role and the rhythm section (especially the kick-ass play of the drummer) raising the final outcome at least a level up.
Another very good album from Denmark. All fans of extreme music must find some time and listen to this album! Brutality, melody, speed, great production and good compositions are only a few of the positives. The rest are yours to discover!
Pitch Black Records, 2013 (PBR020). Made in Cyprus. First press.

1. Blood Warrior     3:42
2. Gallow Hill     3:22
3. King Of Your Mind     3:47
4. Pieces     3:19
5. No Salvation     3:30
6. Captain Of The Seven Seas     3:50
7. Unleashed     3:09 
8. Shade Of Me     2:50 
9. Not My God     4:24 
10. It’S On Me     3:38
11. Angelic Voices Calling (2012)     3:09


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