GROZA “Life, After Life” /CD/

Debut full-length album by the Dark/Black Metal one man band from Turkey.
Second solo project by Bahadir Uludaglar, vocalist of MORIBUND OBLIVION.
“Life, After Life” was dedicated in the memory of Bosnian people who lost
their life in Bosnian War.
Poem Productions, 2005 (PP008)

1.The Castle Of Sins Will Fall 03:37
2.The Beginning Of Anguish 02:29
3.The Last Time I Turned And Looked At You 03:53
4.Your Song Of Eternity Has Lost Its Meaning 03:50
5.In Your Dramatic Mourning 03:28
6.Noone Saw But You 03:37
7.Filthy And Fallen World 03:32

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