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FROZEN OCEAN "Likegyldig Raseri" /CD/

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The fourth full-length studio album by Russian Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient band.
First album of conceptual trilogy referred to as Norse Trilogy. It is enough to say that this album is dedicated to Vidar Vaaer and Ildjarn, as to man whose life and art gave a major part of inspiration to Frozen Ocean; so because of such devotion, it is easy to get a clue about the music stored here.
And, of course, a particular place takes work of Cold Graves, who transforms a loose imagination about album into the something perfectly fitted the initial plot, something cold, thorny, evil, Northern and Atmospheric. Total raw anger!!
Deleting Soul Records/Suffering Jesus Productions, 2011 (DSR 007 / SJP 024). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Likegyldig Raseri I 02:05
2. Likegyldig Raseri II 02:11
3. Likegyldig Raseri III 01:48
4. Likegyldig Raseri IV 02:23
5. Likegyldig Raseri V 02:18
6. Likegyldig Raseri VI 02:07
7. Likegyldig Raseri VII 01:48
8. Likegyldig Raseri VIII 02:09
9. Likegyldig Raseri IX 02:51
10. Likegyldig Raseri X 02:17
11. Likegyldig Raseri XI 02:24
12. Likegyldig Raseri XII 01:41
13. Likegyldig Raseri XIII 01:32
Total playing time: 27:34 min.


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