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ENSLAVED “Riitiir” /CD/

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  • ENSLAVED “Riitiir” /CD/
  • ENSLAVED “Riitiir” /CD/
  • ENSLAVED “Riitiir” /CD/
  • ENSLAVED “Riitiir” /CD/

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The twelfth full-length album by the legendary Norwegian Progressive Black Metal band.
Two decades after their birth, Enslaved's latest album once again surprise even those who are familiar with their non-linear development. "Riitiir" embodies a lot more of what has come to be known as Enslaved: indefinable and grandiose, honest and unearthly, dark, harsh, and beautiful!
The mighty Norwegian warriors of Progressive Extreme Metal offer a mindblowing eight new songs and, astonishingly, perhaps one of their absolute strongest albums thus far. Heading even further into Prog and using even more clean singing than before, the hour’s worth of music on the album hits the sweet spot where insane Black Metal meshes with compelling melodies. “Riitiir” is more Progressive and Experimental than the previous release, and much of it will be very pleasing to anyone who thought Opeth’s “Heritage” was a letdown, as it keeps the Metal Heavy without losing the softer stuff. There are several different styles mixed together and swapped out on any given song, but the core sound doesn’t get lost in all the changes, as there is a solid framework that holds everything together and keeps it all connected.
The changing musical landscape isn’t the only thing that refuses to stick to one style, as the vocals are also varied across the track listing. There are growls and grunts galore, but also plenty of clean singing, backing shouts, and deep spoken word segments. This melting pot creates some interesting atmospheres on individual tracks, like “Death in the Eyes of Dawn”, which nearly reaches a ‘90s Grunge feel, or the Gothic overtones of “Forsaken”.
It probably shouldn’t come as any big surprise that “Riitiir” is another knockout release from a band that consistently pushes the envelope and moves its sound forward. With a strong balance between Extreme Metal and clean Prog melodies, Enslaved’s latest album is at the forefront of Progressive Black Metal and a must-hear for fans of Opeth, Borknagar, or any music that combines opposing styles!!
Nuclear Blast GmbH/High Fidelity Ltd./Raven Music, 2012/2014 (NB 2932-0). Made in Israel.

1. Thoughts Like Hammers 9:30
2. Death In The Eyes Of Dawn 8:17
3. Veilburner 6:46
4. Roots Of The Mountain 9:17
5. Riitiir 5:26
6. Materal 7:48
7. Storm Of Memories 8:58
8. Forsaken 11:15
Total playing time: 67:17

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