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PTAHIL “The Almighty Propagator Of Doom And Despair” /CD

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    Band: PTAHIL
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The second full-length album by American Doom/Black Metal band.
“Album "The Almighty Propagator Of Doom And Despair" was written and recorded in acknowledgement to the prison of life and the pursuit of true freedom. It's a ritual casting to the forces of Death, Revolution and Liberty, in acknowledgement of the continual entrapment of free essence into the chains of life through the force of the phallus”…
The Ptahil duo of D. Luathca (guitar, bass, vox) and J. Mhághnuís (battery) reportedly treat the creation and performance of their music as a ritual, invoking Satan as the vehicle through which freedom may be sought from the prison of life. That dedication is revealed in the lyrics, but it’s also reflected in the atmosphere radiated by the music, and a big part of the hellish atmospherics can be traced directly to the vocals. D. Luathca not only knows how to write murderous riffs, he sounds like someone genuinely possessed by a demon horde. His vocals are alternately croaking, gargling, gravel-pitted, and howling. He moves from vomit-filled gutturals to paint-scraping yells to otherworldly chants, and he utters all of his vitriolic proclamations with complete conviction. Often, the vocals are multi-tracked and layered to produce the sense that a throng of archfiends is clambering at the mic. And perhaps most disturbing of all are the moments when it sounds like something monstrous is reciting a black liturgy backwards in subterranean catacombs. You listen to this festering vocal feast and you can almost smell the oil from the torches burning underground and the coppery aroma of pentagrams drawn in blood.
You may wonder how music so ugly, so corrosive and so scowling with contempt at human life on earth could at the same time be so magnetically attractive. But it really is. You'll get a high-voltage charge out of every song, from the masterful 13-minute title track to the short, blasting, Thrashing rampage that ends the album (“Hell Spells and Satanic Rituals”). If you’re after music that will grab hold of your reptile brain in a vice-like grip and shake it hard, this album’s for you!!
Wraith Productions, 2012 (WRAITH015). Made in USA. First press.

1. Satanicus Sabbathicus 04:02
2. Possessed by Death 07:20
3. Semen, Blood and Shit 04:23
4. Mors Aut Lībertās 04:32
5. Pact with the Devil 07:01
6. The Almighty Propagator of Doom and Despair 12:55
7. Hell Spells and Satanic Rituals 02:24
Total playing time: 42:37


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