THE HOBBIT SHIRE "Sketches Of Legends" /CD/

The third studio album of the Moscow band.
Heavy guitar riffs, interspersed with medieval and Celtic tunes, as well as a unique, 3 octaves, the voice of the soloist Elena Shirokova not leave anyone indifferent. The song "Barbara" is written on Russian poetry of the cult fantasy writer Andrew Belyanin. Also on the CD for the first time you’d hear the folk-hard rock version of the song by Vladimir Vysotsky "Song of the free lances," published with the approval of his heirs.
Perechrestok Records, 2007

01.Битва В Океане/Battle In the Ocean 01:37
02.Неслась Актерская Кибитка/Acting van swept 04:32
03.Варвары/Barbarian 03:24
04.Война/War 02:52
05.Легенда О Проклятом/Legend Of The Cursed 04:21
06.Песня О Вольных Стрелках/Song About Free Lances 02:33
07.На Озерном Берегу ... /On Lake Shore ... 04:40
08.Пергамент/Parchment 04:05
09.Вечер У Писателя/Evening At The Writer 02:24
10.Колыбельная-2/Lullaby-2 02:29

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