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GUANTANAMO BAY CITY ROLLERS “Dark Side Of The Goon” /Digipack MCD/

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The second album by South Australian Boozecore/Grindcore/Punk/Thrash Metal band.
Crossing over from alcohol focused Grind to Punk, from Death to Black (although in meager amounts) it’s clear to see how well traversed in music they are and have added that tongue in cheek we all know and love within their Grind elements, adding crazy samples and hard hitting rhythms – it’s just one superb album!
Beer, bongs, Thrash & Grind are probably the four things that this twisted quintet worship and they have irreverently wrapped up the styles and resulting states of mind to bring us this album of just under half an hours-worth of audio insanity. Yes Pink Floyd lovers are probably groaning at the play on words and the album cover but Ministry already riddled the corpse of that particular album in a steamy heroin soaked piss anyway. However it comes as a slight surprise playing this album that amongst the humor the band can sort play too.
Such a pity that they reside in Oz, because we are missing out big time!!
Album also includes covers of Discharge and Celtic Frost, as well as hidden bonus track.
Grindhead Records, 2013 ‎(GHR053). Made in Australia. First press.

1. Welcome To The Funeral 2:42
2. Wish You Were Beer 1:25
3. If You're So Anal, Why Do You Act Like A Cunt? 2:22
4. Goon Saloon 1:54
5. Dark Side Of The Goon 2:46
6. Protest And Survive (cover DISCHARGE) 1:34
7. Fly's Eyes 2:05
8. Into The Crypt Of Rays (cover CELTIC FROST) 11:49
Total playing time: 26:40

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