NIGHTFALL "LYSSA: Rural Gods and Astonishing Punishments" /Digipack CD/

Nightfall once again prove themselves worthy of being regarded as the best Greek Metal band around.
Unconventional Dark Metal with gothic influences with tremendous vocals, drumming and guitars.
"Lyssa" is Nightfall's 7th full-length album since 1990 making them the longest recording Metal artists from their country.
First press.
Black Lotus Records, 2004 (BLRCD080). Made in Greece. Slightly torn digipack.

1.Dark red sky 03:28
2.Swollen 03:12
3.Christless 03:46
4.Master of my dreams 03:39
5.The perfect life 03:59
6.The end times 04:04
7.Synastry 03:45
8.One of these days 05:01
9.Victimized 03:16
10.Soul invictus 03:11
11.Essence 03:07

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