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BURNT BY THE SUN "Heart Of Darkness" /CD/

  • BURNT BY THE SUN "Heart Of Darkness" /CD/

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The third and final full-length album by the American Mathcore/Grindcore/Metalcore band.
Burnt By The Sun has returned with the staggering new and final album. Grindcore, Metalcore, whatever you want to call it, New Jersey's Burnt By The Sun specialize in it - to the 'nth degree. The quintet's 2009 release, "Heart Of Darkness", typifies this, as screams, gonzo riffing and drum bashing abound from start to finish. But when you push the boundaries to the limits like Burnt By Tthe Sun has here, a valid question comes up: how much further can a Metal band push it, without it sounding like a big noise bomb? Burnt By The Sun don't seem to care, as they go for sensory overload on such ear drum-piercing ditties as the album-opening "Inner Station", as well as "A Party to the Unsound Method" and "There Will Be Blood". "Heart Of Darkness" serves as an audio clinic of the sound of Metal being pushed to the max!
"Heart Of Darkness" pushes every aspect of this legendary band to the limit: crushing riffs rain down like cement blocks, drums explode like gunfire and strident vocals howl against a modern dystopian society that besets us all, echoing the music's sonic sentiment. Burnt By The Sun saved their best for last!!
Relapse Records/Mazzar Records, 2009/2011 (MZR CD 506). Made in Russia. Used: good.

1. Inner Station 2:44
2. Cardiff Giant 2:28
3. F-Unit 3:32
4. A Party To The Unsound Method 4:01
5. There Will Be Blood 3:27
6. Goliath 3:30
7. Rust I Future Primitive 5:32
8. Beacon 2:04
9. The Great American Dream Machine 2:23
10. The Wolves Are Running 4:31
Total playing time: 34:12


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