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BLACK SYMPHONY “Tears Of Blood” /CD/

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The second full-length album by American Power/Progressive Metal band.
After touring activities ended for their very successful debut “Black Symphony”, main man Rick Plester built a recording studio and began assembling the next record. This would feature a new line up with vocalist Ric Plamondon, new drummer Pete Holmes (Ted Nugent, Black n Blue, MSG, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ian Gillian), and keyboardist Mattias Burstrom. This record again became a success out selling their first release and being nominated best of 2002 in Europe, finishing 3rd for all Hard Rock/Metal artists. Charting in most counties outside North America, the band had great momentum.
Unfortunate the band never toured this record too heavily as the record company debt to the band grew and an unfix able situation was occurring thus the fans were left out in the cold. After a legal battle of the band and record label, lasting 3 years, finally in 2005 it came to an end with the demise of their record label and Black Symphony were free to go elsewhere.
Influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, old Metallica and Pink Floyd, this band reminds very much Evergrey. However, they have totally digested their influences and Black Symphony can be proud to have now their own style. 
The "fist in the face" comes from the production, which is really powerful, and from all these sounds used by the band to create another dimension inside each song. This band knows how to sound really heavy and melodic at the same time.
Lyricaly, it's a concept-album about religions. Lyrics, which are excellent, highlight the wars between humans who like different Gods ... but in fact, this is the "perfect justification" for their crimes. Songs like "Tears Of Blood I" & "II", "Death", "Take Me Down" or "I Am Hate" are based on complex song-writing, but are easily accessible for the listener.
This album is sheer awesome. It's one of the most complete, consistent albums ever. Musically, this album is just pure win. Awesome shredding riffs and guitar solos are accompanied by some excellent drumming. It's a fairly Proggy album, but don't get turned off by that. The guitar work is truely a highlight!
There are absolutely no bad songs on this album, and each is just as good as the other! If you can find it, buy this album, it's just that good!!
Rising Sun Productions, (312.5002.2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Tears Of Blood (Part I) 4:51
2. It Remains A Mystery 3:07
3. Take Me Down 3:46
4. I Am Hate 3:45
5. Death 7:02
6. Burned 4:15
7. Over And Over 3:56
8. Tears Of Blood (Part II) 3:13
9. Forgive Me 4:58
10. Left In Confusion 2:44
11. Into The Dark 6:01
12. Black Symphony (Part II) 8:03
Total playing time: 55:41


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