YOLWOLF "Thorns-horns" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Russian Ambient/Pagan Black Metal one man band.
Music of Yolwolf, impregnated in melodic, successful way, combines elements of Pagan Black Metal, Post Black and Ambient, folklore music and neoclassic, that create a unique atmosphere. The music became more gloomy and heavy! Feel the icy breath beautiful Northern nature!!
Nihil Art Records/Yar Productions, 2012 (NAR 022 / ЯРЬ021)

1. Сквозь тернии в дебри (Through the Thorns in the Backwoods) 03:14
2. Freedomstorm Part 1 03:35
3. Freedomstorm Part 2 03:00
4. Drakkar 05:16
5. Hrafnsmerki 04:39
6. Wolfog 02:44
7. Лес - Государь (King - Forest) 05:42
8. Над лесами, над курганами… (Over Forests, Over Mounds...) 04:21
9. Thorns-Horns 06:23
Total playing time: 38:54

Samples: http://www.last.fm

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