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WITH ALL THE RAGE “Yesterday...Now...Tomorrow...Ever” /CD/

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The debut full-length album by Italian Groove Metal band.
With All The Rage contains in the name the deeper meaning of grudge fed by the guys towards Sicily, a land stained by the conspiracy of silence and bigotry: anger. And the "anger" characterizes the With All The Rage's sound, where a good mix of Northern European Metalcore and robust American Thrash Metal meets an open-minded melody and a solid Groove.
The talented Italians have put their blood, sweat, and tears on this record to feed your Groove hungry ears. The Groove elements shine through like freshly discovered emerald, and the Metalcore elements added here do not halt this release from sounding fresh and entertaining. Guitar work for example varies and switches nicely between the two halves of the albums. Drum work is done really, not too fast, not too slow for a Groove Metal album.
“Plug In Your Ass” is the perfect example for this album’s main sound. The guitars and bass here are pretty amazing and go hand in hand like warriors on the battlefield, due to how audible the bass is, and how the guitars are very catchy, melodic, aggressive, and memorable. Tracks like “Who Killed My Dog?” also differ with their straightforward mosh-inviting attitude. These two tracks should basically summarize the album’s overall sound.
With All The Rage have done their best and this release is definitely great. It has proved to be highly entertaining, musically prominent compared to other Groove Metal releases, and with proper recording and support, this band will shine like ancient mythril! So give this a chance, and enjoy!!
SG Records, 2012 ‎(SGCD056). Made in Italy. First press.

1. With All the Rage 04:02 
2. Cemetery Park Revisited 03:38
3. A Good Day to Die 03:29 
4. Plug in Your Ass 05:16 
5. Inside 06:44 
6. Who Killed My Dog? 03:48 
7. Show Me Your Wounds 03:32 
Total playing time: 30:29


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