MUTANT SQUAD “Social Misfits” /MCD/

The second EP by Spanish Thrash Metal band.
Mutant Squad have been playing old school 80s - early 90s Thrash Metal since 2007. And now they're the most recognizable Thrash Metal act hailing from Galicia (Spain). Since the first live shows in their hometown, Santiago de Compostela, the Mutants have developed their sound constantly, slowly constructing their vision of an open minded Thrash Metal.
“Social Misfits” marked the beginning of a fast rise up through the Underground with a more primitive Thrash Metal based on the works of giants of the genre like Sepultura or Slayer while adding minor foreign sounds from Prog music or Stoner. This 4-song EP is a solid Thrash Metal with even a bit of melody that will have you banging your head. It's full of classic style riffs, pounding drums, quality vocals, influenced by some of the classic bands like Testament, Megadeth, Overkill, Coroner, Sodom and Pantera.
Check this great band, you'll love it from the start!!
Suspiria Records, 2012 (SPR005). Made in Spain. First press.

1. Black Harvest 5:15
2. Remember 4:57
3. The Machine 4:44
4. Cannon Fodder 7:37
Total playing time: 22:37 min.

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