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NEFAS TERRA “Жизнь в Темноте / Life In Darkness” /MCD/

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First release on CD of the debut mini-album by the Russian Melodic Black Metal band.
Nefas Terra is a Russian black metal entity consisting of two members, Chad and Klem. "Life In Darkness" contains 6 intense and merciless songs filled with icy riffs and grim vocals as well as a cover of Satyricon's well-known "Mother North".
The title track is a furious affair with a lot of catchy melodies and atmosphere to it while "No Way Out" is slightly more symphonic and epic. The vocals alternate between screeching Black Metal vocals and deep Death Metal-like growls, which adds a bit of diversity to the whole thing. "Early Christianity" is pretty damn aggressive and yet quite varied with some crazy riffing here and there. The drums on the album are programmed, which is quite evident, but luckily they are well done and don`t sound flat or completely lifeless. "Vice" also good song, but "Suicide" is excellent song that contains some captivating and semi-Thrashy riffs as well as some rather melancholic parts - definitely the best song on the disc. "Poison" is pretty average, but the cover version of "Mother North" is pretty raw and necro, which is actually kind of cool in the sense that it is quite different from the original version. Very cool vocals here.
Overall, "Life In Darkness" is hardly what one would call original or innovative, but the songs are generally interesting and well-composed, and Nefas Terra possess a wicked and unholy charm that certain Black Metal bands from Russia simply have. The bottom line is that this is good stuff and should appeal to quite a few of you Black Metal fanatics out there!
Enhanced CD features video clip “Poison”.
More Hate Productions, 2011 (MHP 13-117). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Жизнь в темноте 04:37
2. Выхода нет 03:25
3. Раннее христианство 05:16
4. Порок 04:16
5. Суицид 05:22
6. Яд 04:15
Total playing time: 27:11


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