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ANCIENT DOME “Cosmic Gateway To Infinity” /CD/

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The third full-length album by Italian Progressive Thrash Metal band.
This band have been playing Thrash Metal for close to fifteen years now, and they are produces really good quality Thrash Metal, but not as you might expect. This isn't the incredibly heavy grind of Kreator, nor is it the more mainstream Thrash Metal that a lot of people will be familiar with.
The opening track, "N.I.F. (New Interstellar Force)" has a very atmospheric intro, and then becomes almost a Crossover Thrash tune. It's really catchy and a great way to kick off this record. The second track, "…Hyperspace", is everything you'd want from a Thrash Metal song; it's fast and aggressive, but has a lot of melodic elements thrown in as well. At some points, it has an air of Gama Bomb about it. "Sea of Stars" begins with a nice acoustic intro, before becoming a full-blown melodic Thrash Metal track. Like all of the songs on this album, the guitar work on this track is pretty cool. The album's title track is, like the last track, Melodic Thrash Metal, but with a bit more aggression thrown in there for good measure. "Colonizing Asteroids" opens on a very military, marching kind of drumming, bursting into life after about half a minute and turning into a song that sounds like what Megadeth would be like if they had gone more down a Prog route. The highlight of the end of the album is "Dead Zone", which is a powerful Thrash Metal anthem.
This band don't fit into the traditional pigeon-holes of Thrash Metal. They go for a more melodic sound, which a lot of other people will like!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2014 (P18R 083). Made in Italy. First press.

1. N.I.F. (New Interstellar Force) 5:15 
2. Hyperspace 4:32 
3. A Sea Of Stars 5:42 
4. Cosmic Gateway To Infinity 5:38 
5. Colonizing Asteroids 5:22 
6. Nebuloid 4:22 
7. Dead Zone 5:58 
8. Empire Of Lies 5:17
Total playing time: 42:06


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