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WILL OF THE ANCIENTS “To Our Glorious Dead” /CD/

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The second full-length album by the Canadian Melodic Black Metal band.
There are literally tons of great Canadian bands out there and Will Of The Ancient is one of the greatest in last years! Melodic, yet heavy, fast and brutal in its very own way, the musical aesthetics of “To Our Glorious Dead” makes this album head and shoulders above band's first release. Although mixing various influences, the music found on this album is highly original and epic in every possible way.
Although they have big shoes to fill, they build upon Ensiferum's sound with their sophomore effort while simultaneously incorporating touches of their own. Think of Ensiferum minus the minor Melodic Death Metal influence and instead with a combination of Black, Folk, and miscellaneous Metal sub-genres, all backed by Pagan themes. The mix and match works extremely well, despite the fact that the style tends to jump all over the place, and makes Will Of The Ancients appear as if they're seasoned veterans this early into their career.
Musically, "To Our Glorious Dead" offers no surprises because the band wears Ensiferum on their sleeves, but each member displays his craft with expertise. Perhaps the most impressive musician is the drummer, who rattles off lightning fast blast beats in the midsection of "Trench Raider", but the rest of record is no slouch, either. Songs like "The Trapper", "Shield of Stone" and "The Stars like Dust" push boundaries with their random-sub-genre-meets-Folk-Metal aesthetic that, quite frankly, is Will Of The Ancients' main drawing point.
"To Our Glorious Dead" is a record no one saw coming, but the majority of listeners still welcome the music with open arms, because it covers the lack of a decent, recent Ensiferum release.
Ensiferum fans, rejoice - your newest obsession is here! Stunning debut indeed!!
PRC Music, 2014 (PRC23). Made in Canada. First press.

1. The Trapper 06:48
2. Shield of Stone 05:44
3. Where Men Fear to Build 05:24
4. Divonioan Ascention 05:57
5. The Stars Like Dust 08:09
6. Trench Raider 03:01
7. To Our Glorious Dead 18:14
Total playing time: 53:17


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