VERATRUM “Sentieri Dimenticati” /CD/

Debut full-length album by Italian Death/Black Metal band.
This young band produced an excellent debut album forged in the most melodic and aggressive side of the genre. Veratrum plays a nice blend of Death Metal and Black Metal. Music sounds extremely technical and with good taste on instrumental arrangements. Some tracks have a heavy influence of aggressive Death Metal from 90’s, and reproduce this typical obscured atmosphere, mixed with epic melodies, and in a modern production. Some other tracks are totally immersed in modernity, almost sound Brutal Death Metal, and all influenced by Progressive sounds. The overall tempo on this album is fast agonized riffing, powerful drumming, and aggressive screaming, all conglomerated in brutal tracks.
If you're into a lot of pulverizing bands on the Osmose Productions label you for sure will like, no adore, Veratrum as well! A f*****g great blast-speed-into-hyperspace album!!
Live Tribe Music/Buil2Kill Records, 2011 (B2K_0026). Made in Italy.

1. La Voce del Silenzio 
2. Uomo     04:03 
3. Lo Sventramento dei Guardiani della Terra Cava     03:34 
4. I Trionfi piu Grandi     03:40 
5. Ars Goetia     04:03 
6. I Braceri del Tempio di Thot     01:43 
7. Ritorno ad Atlantide     06:05 
8. Orizzonte     01:16 
9. Thule     05:21 
10. Agarthi     04:51
Total playing time: 35:14

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