Debut full-length album by Australian Heavy/Thrash Metal band.
This is the solo band of Ben Petch, an original member of Mournful Congregation during their demo years. Truly a unique blend of Speed/Thrash/Heavy Metal styles that features everything from blast beasts to female vocals with a very unique lead male vocal. You will hear influences from Death, old Metallica, and even 90's Black Metal.
53 minutes, eight long, technical complex songs. Amazing mix of Heavy & Thrash Metal! Technical yet very catchy!!!
Paragon Records, 2013 (PRG-42048). Made in USA.

1. The Knave 06:17
2. Blood Stained Crown 06:20
3. Scarlet Shade of Death 09:08
4. March of the Damage Men 07:39
5. Mechanised Extermination 07:44
6. Demoniacal 07:29
7. A Cold Day in Hell 03:09
8. Revelation 05:09
Total playing time: 52:55

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