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UGANGA "Vol. 3: Caos Carma Conceito” /CD/

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    Band: UGANGA
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The third full-length album by Brazilian Thrash/Groove Metal band.
Attention! Uganga’s frontman is Sarcofago’s Manu Joker!!
...From the beginning - this album is weird. We’ve got a lot of different elements, but basically Uganga tries to be more or less near Thrash Metal. Except for a typical Metal patents we’ve got a bit DJ scratches and…. a Reggae part in the middle of the song. All these non-Metal influences are small parts of the songs, little samples etc. - core of the band is heavy music. This is a really good album, and even with all that strange elements it goes together really well...
Joker goes really well behind the microphone but band’s strongest point are riffs. Most of them shows medium-speed Thrash Metal, sometimes we can hear something more Groovy, sometimes it’s time for Punk-influenced riff. And of course - their music is really surprising, Uganga is not afraid to experiment in different directions. Sometimes they put things, that in theory shouldn’t fit a Metal music even a bit, but final effect is nice! Although, that’s a “love it or hate it” album. So better listen to it by yourself!!
Metal Soldiers Records, 2010 (MSR003). Made in Portugal. First press.

1. Kali-Yuga 1:36
2. Fronteiras Da Tolerância 2:47
3. 3xc 1:32
4. Meus Velhos Olhos De Enxergar O Mal (2 Lobos) 5:37
5. Asas Negras 3:15
6. Iso 666 4:18
7. Velas 3:33
8. Sua Lei, Minha Lei 5:05
9. Encruzilhada 2:45
10. Milenar 3:46
11. Zona Árida 3:48
12. P.A.X. 1:52
13. O Primeiro Inquilino 11:39
Total playing time: 51:33


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