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OUTLOUD "We'll Rock You To Hell And Back Again!" /CD/

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    Band: OUTLOUD
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Used: very good.

The debut full-length album by Greek Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band.
Melodic Rock mostly fairly tame and predictable, the type of music that doesn't offend or offer many surprises. But when it's done correctly it can also be one of the most rewarding genres, and Outloud have done it right!
The music on "We'll Rock You To Hell And Back Again!" is huge, and the type of Arena Rock that could blow the roof off even the largest venue!!
"What I Need" and the first single "We Run" kick off the CD, and arguably represents the best one-two punch put to disc that year. "What I Need" especially Rocks with its rapid-fire drumming and soaring vocals - picture the best from Europe, Pole Position and Sargant Fury. To put everything in perspective, "Tonite" pales in comparison to those first two tracks yet would be one the best songs on almost any album put out that year!
No doubt, this CD is great from beginning to end, it's the type of bombastic sound that Bon Jovi likely wishes they could still dream up. And it's all done by a relatively new band which is amazing in itself. The story behind Outloud is that Nightwish and Firewind guitarist Bob Katsionis was teaching fellow musician Tony Kash, who was coming up with some impressive riffs. Katsionis then recruited Talon vocalist, Chandler Mogel, and his drumming band-mate Mark Cross to put together the Outloud venture. Even though the original recordings got deleted and the band had to start over from scratch, the whole project has turned out to be the work of genius. Not only do the afore mentioned tracks Rock, but also check out the killer riffs in "Search For The Truth", the unrelenting "Breathing Fire" and the epic "Out In The Night".
In 2009 Outloud have set the bar for Melodic Metal - and they've set it high! "We'll Rock You To Hell And Back Again!" is perfect in almost every sense, offering Hard Rock tracks, ballads, and a musicianship that is top-notch - it's hard to even imagine how successful this band would have been if they arrived twenty years earlier!! Taking a trip to hell and back isn't supposed to be this satisfying!!!
Frontiers Records/Irond Ltd., 2009 (IROND CD 09-DD757). Made in Russia. Used: very good.

1. What I Need 3:53 
2. We Run 4:08 
3. Tonite 3:38 
4. Search For Truth 4:31 
5. This Broken Heart 4:14 
6. Breathing Fire 4:05 
7. Wild Life 3:31 
8. Broken Sleep 4:07 
9. Out In The Night 4:06 
10. Lovesight 4:31 
11. Outloud 3:16
Total playing time: 44:00


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