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FÄNGÖRN “Where The Tales Live On” /CD/

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    Band: FÄNGÖRN
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The second full-length album by the Russian Folk/Viking Metal band.
This band's primary genre is Folk Metal inspired by fantasy, which is easily heard in their music. There is no doubt that Fängörn have designed their own sound, which only they master. The heroic sounds of the keyboard, mixed with a blend of clean vocals, growls and screams really provides the record with an intense and unique feel. All instruments compliment each other in a perfect way, and the atmosphere throughout the album slowly drags you out of time and space and lets you float around in the universe of Fängörn, yet to be explored. All respected musicians know how to work with their instruments, and they each get their own respectable role inside the music - which is a very important factor.
Production sounds great and suits the album atmosphere perfectly. Nothing sounds over manipulated, either way around. The album got a nice raw aspect when it comes to the vocals, which is only another nice touch to the end result.
"Where The Tales Live On" is a Folk Metal release worth to mention. Fängörn has done a superb job with this album, nothing less. After listening to the full album, you can tell that these guys have the motivation in the right place. This isn't just "another Folk Metal band" - it's Fängörn! So, strap on your battle boots, have your blade held high and get ready to join Fängörn in the the battle!!!
For fans of Equilibrium and Ensiferum!!
CD includes nice 20-page booklet.
SoundAge Productions, 2012 (SAPCD 217). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Everything's Just Begun 02:12
2. Miles Away from Home 06:22
3. Stormbringer 04:43
4. Sirens' Island 06:37
5. Таверна "Троллья Нора" 05:16
6. Swamp Feast 05:46
7. Smoldering Fire 02:01
8. Where the Tales Live On 05:13
9. The Road to Stonehenge 03:13
10. The Sword of Discord (The First Sword) 05:40
11. Last Way 05:47
Bonus Track:
12. Крепкое Пиво Троллей (Живое Нефильтрованное) 04:30
Total playing time: 57:20

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