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SKILTRON “The Highland Way” /GLP/

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    Band: SKILTRON
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For the first time on vinyl, the third full-length studio album by Argentinean Power/Folk Metal band.
Officially founded in 2004 in Argentina, Skiltron is the leading Folk Metal band from South America, now based in Finland. The band have made of his sound a unique trademark, merging the power of Heavy Metal with the charm of the Celtic tunes.
"The Highland Way" will provide few surprises for an experienced listener of the band, but rather sees a smooth continuation of the red-hot form they hit with "Beheading The Liars" back in 2008. Their Scottish-themed anthems remain vibrant and recognizable among much competition in the current arena, and stand out from the bustling crowd with deceptive ease due to their less conventional melding of Folk music with galloping Speed/Power metal. Superficially it may appear to make little differences, but fans of the first two albums will notice the subtle differences and the continuation of the band’s gradual march towards finally locking their Folk and Metal sounds together seamlessly.
Diego Valdez has really settled into his role as vocalist on his second outing with the band - his powerful voice the battle cry that leads the rest of his teammates forward, and the soaring choruses are often the thing that kicks the songs up a notch from good to great.
Always the most prominent aspect of the Skiltron sound, the pipes, nevertheless enjoy an even more significant role in the songs, while still managing to avoid the curse of completely swamping them, something too many modern Folk Metal bands seem unable to avoid when it comes to making use of non-Metal instruments.
Switching up between crushing Speed Metal attacks and more expansive epics where acoustic guitars and mandolins add extra flavour, "The Highland Way" is an album that is expertly paced with a natural ebb and flow to the songs, shifting up and down the gears at all the right moments to ensure a cohesive listen. And it's highly recommended to all fans of Power and especially Folk Metal!
Trollzorn, 2010/2020 (TZ056LP). Made in Germany. First press.


Side A
01. Bagpipes Of War 4:57
02. Between My Grave And Yours 4:21
03. One Way Journey 4:56
04. Awaiting Your Confession 4:09
05. A Last Regret 4:48

Side B
06. The Bonfire Alliance 4:28
07. Storm In Largs 7:11
08. St. Patrick's Death 1:58
09. Through The Longest Way 5:20
10. Join The Clan 4:16
11. For Those Who Have Fallen In Battle 1:49


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