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TURBO “Awatar” /Digipack CD/

  • TURBO “Awatar” /Digipack CD/

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    Band: TURBO
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Remastered re-release of the eighth full-length album by the cult Polish Heavy/Thrash Metal band.
Turbo is one of the most underrated bands ever. Even though most Metal fans are probably unfamiliar with them, Turbo has actually been an active force in the Polish Metal scene over the last twenty years. The band's style of bloodthirsty Thrash was made famous throughout Poland until the early nineties when Turbo mysteriously decided to call it quits. Turbo have released seven albums between 1980 and 1991 before disappearing in the mists of time. Especially their early to middle era is said to have been excellent. After a near decade of hiatus, Turbo reunited, but with a slight change under their belts. The band's first record since their reunion was "Awatar", which seemed great at first for all those that supported them, but hardcore fans of the band were surprised by Turbo's decision to substitute Thrash for their main inspiration: Traditional Heavy Metal.
Turbo decided to abandon most of their Thrash elements by switching to a Traditional Metal sound on "Awatar", and it was a successful transition. To describe "Awatar" is no easy task for sure, because the gentlemen from Poland try to elude categorization. What the whole album is featuring are pretty modern sounding guitars, sometimes even down-tuned a little. The whole endeavor sounds quite modern, but without trying to emulate the successful Nu Metal-formula. Modern Thrash is the label that could best be attached to the quartet, but still doesn't fully fit, because Turbo still are more variable than most bands of that style. 
The overall music isn't as fast as some of Turbo's previous material, but most of the songs manage to sound enjoyably heavy. The riffing is focused around Turbo's native style of Heavy Metal with small touches of Prog and Thrash. Fans of Thrash will probably enjoy the middle of "Spectre in the Opera" when Turbo launches a monster Thrash riff that has Slayer worship written all over it. This is, however, one of the few examples of Thrash on this album; there are small portions of Thrash riffing throughout the course of this album, but most of the featured guitar work resembles Turbo's Traditional Metal roots the most.
Album have the quite variable song-writing and some good vocal-lines, which fit the material very well, Grzegorz Kupczyk has a really good voice. He has fantastic singing voice that he applies a majority of the time.
There are two versions of album available - with Polish lyrics and with English lyrics. Also the guitar mix differs between the editions. This CD is a version with Polish lyrics.
Even though this isn't the best offering this band has done, "Awatar" is still a decent record with some great qualities. Highly recommended to check this one out if you like Traditional Metal or have had previous experiences with Turbo!!
Digitally 24-Bit remastered re-edition includes 7 bonus tracks!
Metal Mind Productions, 2001/2009 (MMP CD 0632 DG). Made in Poland.

1. Armia     4:27
2. Upiór W Operze     5:46
3. Sen     4:31
4. Granica     4:34
5. Lsd     5:29
6. Katatonia     5:25
7. Awatar     5:13
8. Embrion     5:09
9. Fałsz     4:56
Bonus Tracks:
10. Burn (cover Deep Purple)    4:27
11. Lęk     4:43    
12. When A Blind Man Cries     3:40 
13. Neon Knights (cover Black Sabbath)    3:48
14. Lęk [Electric Version]     3:47     
15. Bramy Galaktyk     4:14
16. Dream     4:30
Total playing time: 74:39


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