DORMANT "Beneath The Mighty Oak" /Digipack CD/

Debut full-length album by American Atmospheric Neofolk/Black Metal band.
Once known as Uvall, Dormant has risen from those ashes to become the new solo project of God is Myth label owner Todd Paulson.  Many will undoubtedly remember Uvall from their two full-length offerings on the label as well as one of the early God is Myth releases, a split with Bare-Sark. When Uvall effectively ended in 2006 after the release of “October Turns...Ruined”, Todd began this interesting project with a fairy strange and wonderful sound.
Dormant combines the unique qualities of Neofolk and Pagan Black Metal, while using synth disharmony and unexpected placement to give the music its special edge. "Beneath The Mighty Oak" combines aspects of Black Metal, Folk, Heavy Metal and Rock, and features guest contributions from members of Caina, Autumnal Winds and Celestiial.
Much of the clean guitar work on the album is laden with reverb to give it a very open and “rainy” feel, always making the music thick with texture and emotion. "Beneath The Mighty Oak" takes a different outlook into effect on the Pagan style, it focuses on the darker side and the beauty.  It’s not all swords and pounding chests. There's a very definitive foreboding nature to the mysticism found in heathen ancestory, and "Beneath The Mighty Oak" pays tribute to this fact.
This is one of the strongest debut efforts from any project this year, and should be taken with all seriousness. If you love Atmospheric Metal or some experimentation to it as well, this one is for you!!
CD includes sticker!
God Is Myth Records, 2007 (GIM024). Made in UK.

1. Black Ashes     5:44 
2. I Am The Wind On The Horizon     12:24 
3. Sighs     4:16 
4. Beneath The Mighty Oak     7:12 
5. Ever More Darkening Earth     16:44 
6. The Creation Of Hell (Alli's Song)     10:36
Total playing time: 56:56

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