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NEVALOTH “The Antagonist” /Ltd. Digipack CD/

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    Band: NEVALOTH
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The second full-length album by Slovakian Atmospheric Blackened Progressive Metal band.
Nevaloth is one of the rising stars on European Black Metal scene. Fresh young blood with innovative ideas and original approach is a promise of breathtaking Black Metal experience and their latest album, "The Antagonist", has lived up to its promises.
"The Antagonist" is a conceptual work having almost an hour in length. It contains 11 tracks concerning the philosophical archetype of the Antagonist, covering a great chapter of Nevaloth's existence that musically transcends the steady waters of traditional Black Metal.
In "The Antagonist" Nevaloth create an amazing amalgam of sounds by combining: second wave Black Metal (close to Mayhem and Arcturus) with Technical Death Metal influences (Morbid Angel influences in "Herostratic Fate" and "Aeon of Icon", Origin influences in "Moment of Apostasy"), with 70's Progressive and Psychedelic Rock influences (listen for example to the song "Per Aspera Ad Astra" where there is a part reminiscent of the song "Won't Get Fooled Again" of The Who, or the songs "Philosophy of a Noble Mind", "Herostratic Fate" and "Sorrow and Joy" with the keyboard themes flirting with Van Der Graaf Generator and Emerson Lake And Palmer music), with Symphonic Black Metal influences (the opening of "Lightbearer Emperor" reminds of the awesome orchestrations of Sear Bliss), or even 90's Hard Rock music (a part in "Sorrow and Joy" that reminds of Guns N' Roses' "Use Your Illusion" era).
Nevaloth has redefined the idea of Black Metal with Progressive, Avant-Garde and Psychedelic elements and created a one of a kind, unique masterpiece! The band created their own unique style, which has never been heard before. Omnipotent, multidimensional and diverse atmosphere is a delight for every Black Metal lover out there!! And there’s definitely more to be expected from Nevaloth in the future!!!
It’s complex, but it’s a brilliantly conceived album! Perfect in every way!! Definitely recommended!!!
Limited edition to 305 copies.
Sonic Temple Records, 2014 (STR 008). Made in Slovakia. First press.

1. The Anchoress 1:44
2. Aeon Of Iconoclasm 3:56
3. Moment Of Apostasy 5:45
4. The Anagnorosis 2:49
5. Per Aspera Ad Astra 7:59
6. Philosophy Of A Noble Mind 5:13
7. The Abjection 3:17
8. Lightbearer Emperor 6:42
9. Sorrow & Joy 6:30
10. Herostratic Fate 7:22
11. The Apotheosis 5:27
Total playing time: 56:44


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