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Russian edition of the second full-length album by Israeli Symphonic Black Metal band.
Dagor Dagorath play an exotic blend of Israeli instruments along with the more traditional Symphonic laden Black Metal music. "Dissident" is a very well-played and orchestrated album, with tons of obscure atmospheres. There are many dark and eerie arrangements skillfully incorporated in all nine of their songs here. Dagor Dagorath remind of Dimmu Borgir, with awesome hints of Aborym and Emperor, with even some synth club-like elements found on the eclectic “Dazzled By Light And Darkness”. Don’t worry, this is not a dancy song, just features some really neat keyboard lines towards the end of the song.
Considering this band is a three piece, they sound like a six piece band with tons of talent and creativity. These guys are very focused on the uniqueness of their songwriting and musical abilities, and it definitely comes across clearly on “Dissident”.
Dagor Dagorath should be judged on the strengths of their creative vision and an epic direction their songwriting takes on this CD. Seeing that they’ve now been together as a band since 2003, 12 years to be exact, is a positive sign in the band’s future merits. Check it out and let the ancient and dark feelings of Israel and the Middle East engulf your spirit!!
Fono Ltd./More Hate Productions, 2015 (FOP062CD /MHP 14-125). Made in Russia. 

1. Intro 00:31 
2. Panopticon 06:03 
3. Possessed 04:39 
4. Dear Leader 04:22 
5. Desired Hellespont 05:01 
6. Dissident 04:29 
7. Fire and Forget 04:43 
8. Sign of Kain 04:17 
9. Dazzled by Light and Darkness 04:49 
10. Zion 04:29
Total playing time: 43:23

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