THY GATE BEYOND "Enemy At The Gates" /CD/

The third full-length album by Italian Thrash Metal band.
Thy Gate Beyond tread the stages back in 2001 and finally their 80s Thrash/Speed lands in SG Records with this new album, that offers a sound clearly influenced by the American Metal scene as well as the German one.
You can hear here Thrash Metal through and through. Raw and coarse Old School tones which go straight into the ear. The guys sound thereby fresh and unconsumed. Some melodic specles give additionally the main points without thereby sounding too soft. Typical guitar solos as well as a forceful drumming result in the typical sound which thrills the listener from the first to the last note. The emphatic, distinctive vocals of vocalist Simone Flammini give additionally drive. Very dedicated and professional recorded offers “Enemy At The Gates“ everything a good Thrash Metal album needs. Thy Gate Beyond simply have done here all correct. A thrilling production which is by all means worth to be heard!
For fans of: Slayer, Destruction and Sodom!!
SG Records, 2013 (SGCD063). Made in Italy. First press.

1. 1942     00:52 
2. Enemy at the Gates     03:14 
3. The Blade in My Flesh     02:52 
4. Back from Thy Gate Beyond     02:31 
5. For Whom the Storms Evoke     03:29 
6. My Brain Is Dead... Reactivate It's Too Late     03:08 
7. Under Iron Skies     03:20 
8. The Culprit Chaos     02:30 
9. Horror Paradise     03:41 
Bonus Track:
10. Parabellum   03:25
Total playing time: 29:02

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