MEMEST “Bastards And Liars” /CD/

The second full-length album by Spanish Heavy/Stoner Metal band.
"I love bastards & liars, shake my fist at poor people, and raise a drink to the man who never cries".
The foursome hail from Tortosa, Spain and play late-70's/early-80's ugly, sweaty, gruff, raw style of Metal, a la Iron Maiden (the early years), Motörhead, etc. The kind Darkthrone have been gravitating towards the last couple years. So while not at all original, it is enjoyably visceral.
Memest are at their best when playing aggressive, fast tunes like "We Love Rats" and the tunes alluded to in my opening. Full throttle, full bottle. The energy is catchy and smile-inducing, even if it induces the kind of smiles that have people back away from you cautiously while they press the 9-1-1 button on their cell phones and hover their trigger finger over "send" just in case.
So if you're looking for a couple new energetic "smash it up" tracks to add to the playlist for your next Heavy Metal Vomit Party, be sure to check these hombres out!!
Discos Macarras/Cosmic Tentacles/Marchalenta Records/Odio Sonoro/Musica Hibrida, 2014 (DM-028-CD/ CT-002/ MLR-007/ ODIO-70/ MHR-014). Made in Spain. First press.

1. Bastards and Liars 03:49
2. Hills and Abysses 04:15
3. Black Wings 06:19
4. We Love Rats 03:37
5. My Friends 05:32
6. One God 06:30
7. Poor People 03:50
8. The Man Who Never Cries 03:46
Total playing time: 37:38


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