THRONE OF MOLOK "Impulsive assault" /CD/

Second full-length album by Industrial Death/Black Metal band from Italy.
One of the most progressive and unique black metal bands ever!!
Mass Destruction Records, 2011 (MDR01)

1.Diverting Sea Levels 02:53
2.Beasts of the Vigilants 02:22
3.Molecular Deception 02:25
4.Ravishing Deathfields 02:31
5.March 02:51
6.Nuclear Christ 03:02
7.Impulsive Assault 03:09
8.7th Teratomb 02:30
9.Chaos in the War Rooms 02:06
10.Clonation Fields 02:06
11.Phantom Virus 02:33
12.Kosmic Rays Apocalypse 02:39
13.World's Arson 02:38
14.KKN 03:06
15.Kapoghal 01:45
Total playing time: 38:36 

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