VICIOUS ART “Fire Falls and the Waiting Waters” /CD/

Debut full-length album by Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band from Sweden.
Featuring ex-members of Grave, Dark Funeral, Obscurity and Entombed!!
Candlelight USA/Threeman Recordings, 2005 (CDL0178CD)

1.Debria Seems To Be Bleeding 03:42
2.Komodo Lights 03:15
3.Fire Falls 04:08
4.A Whistler And His Gun 04:20
5.Ceremony: The Waiting Waters 05:43
6.Mother Dying 05:50
7.The Poet Must Die 04:33
8.Cut This Heathen Free 04:09
9.War 04:09
10.Why Would The Captured Set Free The Flies? 03:38
Total playing time: 43:27

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