SUTUANA “Araba Fenice” /CD/

Second full-length album by Italian Hard Rock band.
Album follows the musical path already travelled by this Italian quartet: engaging Hard Rock and disenchanted irony tell the band stories. "Araba Fenice" contains 12 songs, following a musical path that is well-known for the fans of this Italian quartet: engaging and attractive Hard Rock with anger of Heavy Metal. It tends to the lighter side of the melodic Heavy Metal genre.
All of the songs are sung in Italian, making it hard to understand for most outsiders, but it gives another dimension and emotive approach to their song-writing. The voice of their singer Diego Boschini is very powerful and full of passion, esp. when intertwining with tremendous guitar solos.
The overall sound and atmosphere is attractive and seductive, telling the beautiful story. The album is filled with dynamic, changing melodies and catchy songs, and if you’re into a genuine and original sound - "Araba Fenice" is for your further listen; you won’t be disappointed!
SG Records, 2011 (SGCD037). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Ardentemente...
2. Identità
3. Crescere
4. Distante
5. Libera
6. Sogni
7. System Failure
8. Sleaze
9. Fuoco
10. Follia
11. Tradito
12. Marcio Funebre
Total playing time: 43:32

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