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Re-release on CD of the third full-length album by the cult American Heavy Metal band.
“Prisoners”, originally released in 1988 via Black Dragon Records, nearly two years after the previous “Second Offense”, displays the first lineup changes within the Steel Vengeance personal. Tracy Kerbuski arrived as the new lead/rhythm guitarist along with the slashing drummer Marshall Davis manning the skins. Furthermore, this lineup changes also injected venom within the band’s perception towards their earlier music.
Steel Vengeance actually lived up beyond the elements of Hard Rock/Glam/Hair Metal that stood firm on the earlier album thus preparing the grounds for gristle Speed/Heavy Metal accustomed to the classic US Metal code with clear influences of Motörhead and a few early Megadeth and Metallica signatures (minus the technical stuff) but still engulfed by the captivating magic of post NWOBHM bands. Of course “Prisoners” still remained true to the band’s earlier musical endeavors, but eventually it took the band higher than their last effort.
“Prisoners” sounded nastier, heavier, always on the attack, flashing with emphatic shred soloing that seemed to last for long moments or in every naked moment.
A great comeback to awesomeness for this American band, taking another step in their development!! Strongly recommended for fans of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest!!!
Black Dragon Records, 1987/1996 (BDCD 059). Made in France. An exact bootlegged replica.

1. Burned Out     3:56 
2. Destroy     5:03 
3. Streets Of Gold     7:02 
4. She'll Never Tell     3:56 
5. Under World     4:20 
6. Prisoners     5:59 
7. Run From The Law     3:19 
8. Till Tomorrow     5:26 
9. Vengeance Is Mine     3:39 
10. Can't Stop The Rain     4:03
Total playing time: 46:43

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