Spinal Cord opts for the more melodic approach to death metal. This Polish band puts out their debut “Remedy” on which there’s a cornucopia of solos and leads, melody galore so to speak. Also present is a clean level of production which results in a very transparent overall sound. 
Line-up features members from: Dogma, Hell-Born, Witchmaster, Devilyn, Dies Irae, Behemoth and Vader!!!
Empire Records, 2003 (EMP CD 026)

1.Intro 00:36
2.Breeder Of Corruption 03:11
3.Apocalypse Time 03:32
4.Remedy 04:08
5.Agony 01:47
6.Mtch-msts (new life) 03:28
7.Fake 03:03
8.Chosen No More 05:06
9.Blind Ignorant 02:08
10.Art. 03:00
11.Tears 03:25
12.There's Nothing 03:34
Total playing time: 36:58

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