SERPENS (Ru) "Nox Irae" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Russian Black Metal band.
Russian Black Metal of the elite variety with antichristian lyrics and darkness of misanthropy.
CD includes 16-page booklet.
Musica Production, 2009 (MP-36)

1.V Vechnost (Into the Eternity) 04:57
2.Initsiatsiya Smertyu (Initiation by Death) 05:23
3.Namestnik Vselennoy (Deputy of Universe) 04:29
4.Nox Irae 05:13
5.Sumerki (Twilight) 04:21
6.Na Koster (To the Fire) 04:00
7.Proklinayuschiy (Damnator) 04:30
8.V Obraze Zmeya (In Image of Serpent) 06:54
Total playing time: 39:47

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