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SALEM /UK/ “Attrition” /2LP/

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    Band: SALEM
    Country: UK
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The third full-length studio album by British Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band.
Although band was formed in 1979, the year of the NWOBHM uprising, they took quite a long break after releasing a few demos in the 80's and wouldn't come out of the shadows again until 2009, when the band reformed with the same 1983 line-up. After one compilation album of oldies, few EP's and many gigs later, Salem released their first official full-length album "Forgotten Dreams" in 2013. The record was highly praised, and rightly so.
With their third album, band actually do what they did not in the 1980s. The riffs are very nice and totally representative. Salem put down some very good melodies and solos and their ideas are good in general and sometimes original. "Attrition" is an album that will fill you with energy, angst and aggression as well as uplifting your spirit with its lighter moments and never for one second does this record feel like it’s taking its time or lacking substance. The songs are very well structured throughout. The guitar solo is a large admiring point on this album, following the traditional harmonic minor melodies with a lot of modal and interesting harmonies, which again pulls the band away from blending in with other NWOBHM acts and really defining themselves as their own entity.
It’s great when a band gets another chance at breaking into the big time. Especially a band of the caliber of Salem. Having been around since the early days of NWOBHM, it stands to reason that their sound hearkens back to those glorious days, yet they have lifted that sound to the demands of modern Hard Rock. Their legacy has lasted this long, let’s hope their future output can catch up to that legacy.
Double Gatefold Colored vinyl.
Back on Black, 2018 (BOBV538LP). Made in UK. First press.


Side A
1. Attrition 03:29
2. Black and White 04:28
3. I'm the One 04:56

Side B
4. Lest We Forget 06:22
5. My Only Son 04:45

Side C
1. Sights of Wonder 05:37
2. Stay With Me 04:13
3. Taking Control 05:00

Side D
4. Warning Signs 04:16
5. We Are Gods 03:38
6. Isolation 03:44

Total playing time: 50:28 min.


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