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TJOLGTJAR "Midnight Mindtrip" /CD/

  • TJOLGTJAR "Midnight Mindtrip" /CD/

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Demented and bizarre American black metal.
Mix of fast and melodic black metal, in the traditional Scandinavian vein,
and the heavy metal sections sound quite NWOBHM inspired.
There are a few nods to Judas Priest (like the cover of Deciever).
Suffering Jesus Prod., 2007 (SJP 010)

1.Dark Tjolg Mindtrip 03:01
2.Invocation Towards the Conjuration of Lust 02:30
3.Trapezoidiium (Ungod) 03:26
4.I Am the Ruler of Earth 02:46
5.Tjolgtjarian Messiah 03:22
6.Stoned Running Low 01:54
7.Bomb the Ghetto 03:07
8.Strong Signals from the Other Side 04:30
9.Voyage of Satan's Elves 04:14
10.Creepshow 03:49
11.Satan's Hollow 03:14
12.Gauntlet 04:14
13.Deceiver (Judas Priest Cover) 02:54

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