SKYFALL “Bestiarium Pool” /CD/

Debut full-length album by the Russian Melodic Death/Black Metal band.
Skyfall was formed in 2003 by two talented musicians, Alexander and Nocturne.
They started playing following the canons of Sympho Black Metal. Hints of Death Metal could already be heard in their first demo-CD, and this trend continued with their subsequent albums. Their current style is a form of Blackened Death Metal, with shattering bass, tough guitars, fierce vocals and thundering percussion. Aggression, anguish, power and drive are the integral components of every note that this band produces. Professionalism at the highest level is evident in the quality of every performance. While listening to Skyfall lyrics, one finds oneself with a sense of melancholy, while the subconscious explores the hidden depths of despair. The lyrics complete the picture of the band's art, creating a sense of inevitable retribution.
If you in Death/Black Metal - this is for you!
Grailight Productions, 2011(GRL-21). Made in Russia. First press. Please note: although the CD is new and has never been played there are light visual shabby on the disc surface (happened during transit) that will not affect the sound quality.

1.Spiral Eugenics Metamorphosis 08:02
2.Bestiarium Pool (Mother of Future Pandemonium) 05:58
3.Коронация (The Coronation) 03:56
4.The Gospel for Iconoclasts (Nigredo In Extremis) 04:38
5.Carnival of All Nine Days 04:07
6.The Final Blizzard's Waltz 04:55
7.Autumn. Skyfall 04:54
8.Эндура Дольнего (Endura of Worldly) 04:51
Total playing time: 41:21


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